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Architecture by the respected 3+1

In order to secure the best possible architectural solution, Nordecon launched a public competition for the design of the quarter in 2020. The winning entry, entitled LEGO, was the brainchild of Gert Guriev, Mihkel Meriste, Lisette Eriste and Markus Kaasik from 3+1 Architects.

The designers say their main aim was to create a fully integrated living environment on the site, one with both greenery and playgrounds, and with cars as hidden away as possible. They also wanted the quarter to form an organic link with the riverside promenade. Driving the architectural solution was a desire to make the most of the location on the banks of the Pärnu River, maximising views of the waterway, with the majority of balconies and terraces facing south and west towards the river.

Nor was there anything random about the choice of finishing for the facade – the architects wanted to emphasise local heritage by imbuing their designs with a distinct industrial feel. To this end they have provided a new take on timeless brickwork, accentuated by staggered terracing.

Building details


The exterior of the buildings will feature timeless, maintenance-free brickwork, the traditional nature of which acknowledges and underscores the industrial history of the site. Accentuating the brickwork will be the partial use of timber facades in light tones on differentiated surfaces.


The load-bearing structures of the buildings will rest on reinforced pile foundations. Frames will be made using prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. The exterior is with brick finish. The suspended ceilings will be made from hollow reinforced concrete panels. The buildings will have flat roofs featuring SBS roll roofing material.

Internal walls & ceilings

The walls between the apartments will be reinforced concrete panels, while the communication shafts will be made from lightweight blocks. The internal walls of the apartments will be plasterboard on a metal framework.
The height of the concrete ceilings in the apartments will be 2.7 m, with the suspended ceilings in the hallways and bathrooms measuring at least 2.4 m.

Energy efficiency

Rääma 7D  buildings will be with energy class A. Solar panels will be installed on the roofs of the buildings.


The buildings will be connected to the Gren Eesti AS district heating network. The apartments will have underfloor water heating that can be adjusted in each room. The heating agent is water that is heated with the help of district heating before being directed into the underfloor heating cabinets. The heating pipe cabinets will be installed in the hallway or wardrobe of the apartments. The heating node will be situated in the technical room on the 1st floor of each building.

Electricity & weak current

An electrical system meeting all modern needs and official requirements will be installed in the buildings. A distribution board with separate electricity and weak-current sections will be fitted in each apartment. The board will come with strong-current fuses, a distribution point for weak-current cables and space for data communications equipment.

Balconies, doors & windows

The windows in the apartments will be triple-glazed with UV-resistant glass. The balconies and terraces will have metal railings. The external doors of the apartments will be fireproof painted timber doors, while the internal doors will depend on the interior finish package selected.

Intercom & lift

An intercom system will be installed at the entrances to the buildings’ stairwells. The apartments will be fitted with intercom phones with a doorbell function. Every building will have a lift providing access to all floors.

Ventilation & air conditioning

Ensuring air exchange and a healthy indoor climate will be the forced-air heat-recovery ventilation equipment installed in each apartment. This equipment will be behind the suspended ceiling, the precise placement depending on the floor plans for the apartment in question (in most cases in a sanitary room). A separate ventilation shaft will be provided for the stovetop in the kitchen, with the rangehood chosen and installed (in line with the norms set out in the design project) by the owner. Some of the apartments will come with air conditioning.

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